Sarah Hyland Covers YRB Magazine

Sarah Hyland takes the latest cover of YRB Magazine!

On her first acting job: "I was with my dad, he was going to an audition, and I kind of poached it. I had really long, curly hair and they were like, ‘Oh, you should audition to play Howard Stern’s daughter in this.’ So I did, and that was it."

On how she met Matt Prokop: "We just were talking and stuff, I mean, it was a three-day process so we had to know the people that were there or else the time would just be miserable and stressful. We figured out that we had a lot of mutual friends in common, and we were just talking and we became, back in the day [laughs], MySpace friends. [We] were friends on that because I lived in New York at the time. So we were friends first, which I always think is best."
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