Mallika Sherawat at the India Day Parade in New Jersey - Photos

Guess who's making waves in the west? It's none other than the leggy curvaceous Mallika Sherawat. After breaking many hearts in India, she is now making one and all in Hollywood to follow her. No kidding! At the India Day parade, an annual event held by the Indian Business Association in association with scores of other Indian American Organisations to celebrate Indian's Independence, Miss Sherawat led thousands of Indian Americans who turned up in New Jersey. Such was Miss Sherawat's clout that the event turned out to be bigger than ever. With thousands of people to the one mile parade route, more than 25 floats, three marching bands, and hundreds of marchers, parade organisers and police agreed that it was biggest in its history.

Mallika Sherawat glams up India Day Parade 2010
Mallika Sherawat at the India Day Parade
Mallika Sherawat

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