John Abraham Climbs Billboard to Unveil "Jhootha Hi Sahi" - Photos, Video

John Abraham climbs up hoarding
John Abraham is not only one of the hottest actors in Bollywood but according to a huge poster put up in Juhu he is also a liar. Well, before you get any ideas let us tell you that this poster has been put up by the makers of Jhootha Hi Sahi and is one of the biggest posters ever put up. In fact, it is a tall as a four story building.
The first look of Jhootha Hi Sahi was such that no one could recognize John. His look in the film is very different. So to show that it was really him in the picture and not another photoshopped miracle, John actually donned his look from the film. By wearing a shirt with glasses.

Says John Abraham, “The unveiling of the film was a thrilling experience, different from the usual unveilings I’ve done in the past.” Commenting on his look in the film, “My look in the film is very different and not something anyone has seen me in before. Jhootha Hi Sahi is an amazing film and I’m very excited about it. Abbas Tyrewala has done an awesome job.”

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