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"Prince" movue actress Aruna Shields goes Topless for Mr. Singh Mrs. Mehta
Aruna Shields has gone full nude in her forthcoming Mr. Singh Mrs. Mehta movie which would hit the theatres on June 25th. Aruna Shields hot pics are alerady availbale on net from the movie. Bollywood in the past decades did seem to have been slowly shed its conservative approach but Aruna Shields seems to have broken all the barriers. Going bold and baring all, Aruna Shields is the most talked about pretty young thing.
Aruna Shields forthcoming movie Mr. Singh Mrs. Mehta is the directorial debut venture of Pravesh Bhardwaj. The movies plot revolves around deceit and extra marital relationships. The story line is such that the director required an actress who was willing to go nude for the movie. After a number of rejections, it was this British actress who came to the director’s rescue and agreed to go nude.

The nude scene that Aruna Shields has played is said to be on similar lines as Kate Winslet’s painting scene in Titanic. Here in Mr. Singh Mrs. Mehta as well, the actress is required to pose for a portrait and hence the scene. The scene involves Aruna Shields posing for a man who is not her husband. This is something that has not been captured with such boldness in Indian cinema before. We have had love making scenes between couples and lovers, but never with such starkness. It remains to be seen how the censor board would react to this scene in the movie.
Mr. Singh Mrs. Mehta

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