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Movie 'Garam Masala' actress Nargis Bagheri strips for PETA - HQ Pictures
Nargise Bagheri, a Bollywood starlet, has appeared in the nude for a photo shoot for a campaign by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).
Nargis Bagheri, recently seen in the film Kushti, has stripped, Lady Godiva style, for a new ad for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). Through this ad, the actress says she hopes to draw attention to the plight of horses that are used to pull carts bearing heavy loads or people seeking joyrides.
Nagis, covered only with her long tresses, is shown posing on a dark horse with the slogan “Don’t get taken for a ride, horse-drawn carts are cruel” in the ad. The ad is bound to raise a lot of eyebrows, but Nargis is unfazed. “I have always wanted to work for the cause. Morever I wore a body suit during the shoot. Later corrections were done to make it seem as though I am not wearing anything in the final image. It is not scandalising,” she avers.
“I would rather pose for a cause like this than romp in a bikini for nothing. I have no reservations about it,” Nargis adds. Working for a cause is all in the family, she reveals. “My father works as a human rights activist. This campaign is the face of modern India,” says Nargis, adding that she would like to take up the cause of elephants next.
Nargis Bagheri
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