Kayla Ewell Sexy Maxim Girl

Kayla Ewell Sexy Maxim Girl

Vampire Diaries star Kayla Ewell met up with Maxim and she showed a sexy side most of her fans don’t ever get to see. Apart from the sexy pictures, she also sat down for an interview with the Men’s magazine.

Why are vampires so hot right now?
Kayla Ewell: Nowadays everyone broadcasts everything about their life—I think vampires are really sexy because there’s so much that you don’t know about them. There’s a lot of mystery.

Why do girls want to have sex with vampires?
They’re always awake at night, they’re seductive, and they’re not needy.

But they are needy…needy for blood! Have you ever left bite marks on a boyfriend?
No comment.

That’s a yes!
Honestly, on set when they put the bite marks on my neck, I looked in the mirror and freaked out. It made me squeamish. I’m OK with blood, but walking around and talking on your cell phone with a giant gash in your neck—I’m going to have to get used to that.

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