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Bollywood beauty Katrina Kaif is all set to do a bit of her for charity. The actress happened to take a private charter from Mumbai to a remote village past Chennai. Azhagusirai, a remote village in Tamil Nadu, which is 29 kilometers away from Madurai, has the chance to witness the beauty’s human side. Katrina Kaif flew to this place with only one goal in her mind i.e. putting an end to female infanticide.
The actress went unrecognized in this village. But her work with the under-privileged children has indeed made a permanent mark in the hearts of the people, said an office bearer of Claretain Mercy Home. This is an organization, run to eradicate female infanticide.

Katrina’s mother, Sussanne Turquotte , who heads an organization called Relief Projects India (RPI) , has been based in Chennai . And the motive of this organization is also eradication of female infanticide, where in the females are killed at birth or are abandoned from their homes. And the poverty has hit this village so terribly that the parents of female children find it very difficult to make the two ends meet and hence leaves only with the option of killing them. The village is blind upon evil social issues like dowry, which adds on to the trouble.

At Claretian Mercy Home, the female children are protected and they are provided with the bare necessities such as food, clothing and shelter. And they are educated too till they are ready to be adopted by a suitable Indian family. Katrina, who seems really involved with the cause, has already opened a department dedicated to provide skill development facilities to children in their toddler age. And she has named the department as, “Little Darlings”. Katrina is supposedly going to start another home for those kids who are not likely to be adopted due to their physical disabilities. She also plans to bring them in Mumbai where she can spend quality time with them.

Katrina Kaif at Claretian Mercy Home
Katrina Kaif at Claretian Mercy Home

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