Hrithik Roshan’s Sister Sunaina Roshan Gets Secretly Married - Photos

Sunaina Roshan finally decides to go public with her love story

Picture: Sunaina Roshan With Husband Mohan Nagar

Life inflicted one blow after another on Hrithik Roshan’s older sister Sunaina, but she braved her way through a failed marriage, single parenthood, a broken engagement and cancer. Though things are looking up for her again, life is still not hunky-dory. Her recent secret marriage resulted in her losing out on the support of her parents and brother with whom she had been staying for nearly ten years after her first marriage ended.

Since the past few weeks, there were rumours in the industry that Rakesh Roshan’s daughter had secretly remarried. When we called her last week, Sunaina dismissed it as a preposterous rumour. However, Sunaina called us up yesterday to spill the beans that she has indeed tied the knot with Mohan Nagar, who is in the construction business. Sunaina is no longer staying with her father at the Roshans’ Juhu residence, Palazzio. “We decided to get married three months ago (December 2009). Mohan and I stay at Lokhandwala, Andheri now,” says Sunaina.

Sunaina and Mohan had been dating for six months before they legalised their relationship. “We got married on January 20 in a temple and then registered our marriage in court,” says Mohan Nagar .

Recalling his dating period with Sunaina, Mohan says, “We met on a flight and got talking. After that, we kept in touch”. The rest, as they say, is history. However, the Roshans have clearly expressed their displeasure at Sunaina’s decision, to which Sunaina says hopefully, “They’ll come around in the next few months. I will convince them.” Sunaina, who is the co-producer of her father’s forthcoming film Kites, has also stopped working on the film due to the strain within the family.

Commenting further on her secret marriage, she adds, “I am very happy with Mohan as he is a fantastic guy. When we fell in love, we just knew that we had to get married. There is nothing about him that I don’t like.”

Sunaina was earlier married to Ashish Soni, who is now married to telly actress-anchor Shonali Malhotra. Sunaina and Ashish were married for eight years and parted ways in 2000. They have a 13-year-old daughter who stays with Ashish and Shonali. In 2005, Sunaina was engaged to US-based Nick Udaysingh but the engagement did not culminate in marriage.

This is Mohan’s second marriage too. “I was born and brought up in Mumbai. I had migrated to Canada but am now settled in India. I was married earlier but that marriage ended in divorce,” says Mohan. Though Sunaina had said that her family was livid, dad Rakesh Roshan was rather cool about it. “I am happy if she is happy,” he said.
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