Vivek Oberoi on the Beach with His Pet Dogs Duke and Ivy - Video

Vivek Oberoi Spends Time at the Beach Every Morning with His Pet Dogs Duke and Ivy
Every morning I go running on the beach at 5am with my pet dogs Duke and Ivy and when it rains its even more fun! They are the reason I am at the beach every morning. They actually run with me or rather I run behind them. While going they pull me, while coming I pull them back.

Duke and Ivy, are the world's most adorable boxers. I just come back home to them whenever I am stressed and they give me so much unconditional love. They always make me smile. I just love them! They are my stress busters.

Duke and Ivey play their own form of cricket, which is to grab the ball and just run like hell because they don't want to give it back ever. Especially Duke, he just likes to chew the ball into bits.
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