Shah Rukh Khan on Discovery Travel & Living Channel - Photos

India’s leading lifestyle channel Discovery Travel & Living will present an engaging series on the country’s biggest superstar, Shah Rukh Khan.
In this unique television format, for the first time ever, viewers will be taken into the private and exclusive world of Shah Rukh Khan. For a year, cameras have shadowed Shah Rukh in India and across the globe, to present viewers with a rare peek into the life of the superstar and an once-in-a-lifetime viewing experience.
Shah Rukh Khan said, “Discovery Travel & Living is most certainly the definitive lifestyle channel on TV. The idea of the series format is both exhilarating and unique as it showcases aspects of my life that have seldom been seen in the public domain. I look forward to welcoming you all into my life.”
Viewers will experience Shah Rukh’s complete life – family and vacation time; relationships with his kids, wife, sister and friends; unique film making process & approach; time management and being switched on 24×7; brand power; interactions with fans and staff; IPL venture & life outside India..
The 10-part series LIVING WITH A SUPERSTAR – SHAH RUKH KHAN will premiere on Discovery Travel & Living every Friday at 9 pm, starting February 26th.
Shah Rukh Khan on Discovery Travel & Living Channel
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