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Raj Pichle Janam Ka-The controversial reality show which tells about the past life of its particiants will have another celebrity guest today and it’s none other than petite beauty Celina Jaitley.

Celina jaitley wanted to find out about the recurring stomach pain which she had since Childhood. The pain she experiences lasts for days together until she can move again without any restraint. Despite consulting various doctors and undergoing medical tests, the root cause of the problem could not be detected.

Losing all hope to ever find relief from the pain, she heard about Imagine’s Raaz Pichhle Janam Ka and decided to find answers to her problem on the show. When taken back to her past life by Dr Trupti Jayin, Celina regressed to three life times. What shocked her was that in one of her past lives she was a man! She saw herself as a soldier at a war and it was in this war where she died succumbing to an injury on the left side of her stomach. What amazed her is that the side where she was injured in her past life, is where she feels the pain even today. Another shocking discovery was that she also saw her brother and mother as friends and family in her past life. Says Celina, “This show has been a life-turning experience for me.”

You can watch Celina as she explores the journey to her past life with Ravi Kishaan and Dr Trupti Jayin on Raaz Pichhle Janam Ka, Monday, December 21 at 930 pm on Imagine.

Celina Jaitley on Raj Pichle Janam Ka

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