Akshay Kumar bonds with Sachin Tendulkar over Marathi

Mumbai: If you think that Sachin Tendulkar only bonds with Aamir Khan, then you are mistaken. The star batsman is also reportedly bonding with Akshay Kumar too. Here is the story about how the two first met and immediately hit it off. And believe it or not -- it was over Marathi language!

It so happened that Anil and Tina Ambani had invited Akshay to a very private felicitation party that they had organised for Sachin Tendulkar at a suburban hotel.

"The party was held in honour of Sachin Tendulkar for completing 20 years in cricket and all the biggies in Bollywood were invited which was a heavily guarded affair. Aamir, Sachin's best friend in industry, was also invited to the party. People took their turn to say how they loved Sachin and his batting. Very soon, it was Akshay's turn to say something for Sachin," says a source present at the party.

At this point of time, Akshay stood up and started his speech in chaste Marathi as Sachin looked up to him in amazement. The source continues, "A stunned Sachin looked at Akshay in awe because Sachin had always known Akshay as a hardcore Punjabi. After the speech, Sachin got up and gave Akshay a huge hug. After the rounds of speeches were over, Sachin and Akshay kept on chatting in Marathi throughout the evening."

Very few know that Akshay speaks effortless Marathi and speaks to his staff in Marathi.

"After that evening, Sachin and Akshay have kept in touch with each other. Their wives have also bonded well and very soon they will be meeting informally over dinner. The only problem is Akshay and Sachin's super-hectic schedule. But for the two, that won't be a problem ever," the source ends.
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