Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick go shopping

E! Reality star and Five months pregnant Kourtney Kardashian and her boyfriend Scott Disick went for shopping arrival at the Juvenile Shop on Thursday 20 August in Calabasas, California.

Kourtney tells People. “They have videos which tell you what to expect, like the size of the baby at different stages, what the baby is doing inside. They’re cool. Neither of us has read a book, but we’re going to. I haven’t done one thing for the room, except look online at a million pictures. But I’m also kind of waiting until I can find a decorator. I just want to work with someone and make it perfect. I have a stylish vision of a room in my head.”

Kourtney also says “At nighttime, I’ll make Scott put his hand on my stomach and feel it,” Every time he leaves me he kisses my stomach and says goodbye to the baby and talks to it. It’s so cute”.
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