Selena Gomez Teen Vogue June/July 2009 Video

Selena Gomez On Her Upcoming CD:
“It’s what I’ve gone through with heartache, friendships, and things like that,” Selena tells the June/July issue of Teen Vogue. “I want my fans to know me a little bit better after they hear this record.”

Selena’s Dream Guy:
“I used to say that I wanted someone cute and nice, an actor too, so he’d get it. But now I think it would be good for me to date someone who’s not in the business. Being cool, having a ‘cool’ energy, is just not attractive to me.”

Selena Gomez On BFF Demi Lovato:
“Demi and I have always been there to support each other. I’ve probably listened to 100 of her songs, and she came to every single taping of my show the first season,” Selena explains. “We’re both surrounded by adults 24/7, and we have to act professional, but when we’re together we can just be sixteen—we watch movies and talk about boys and do each other’s hair and makeup. We both go through a lot, so it’s nice to know that no matter what, I’ll always have her.”

Selena Gomez On Her Friendship With Rumored Foe Taylor Swift:
“She has helped me through some really hard times. And the thing I can’t stand about that girl is that she doesn’t even need to dress up and she still looks pretty.”

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