Hot Keira Knightley Does Elle US December 2007

Keira Knightley Hot In Elle US December 2007

On the tabloids:
“What I hate is that they shove in your face: this is what you want to be. And you think, f—k that. I don’t want it. Stop telling me I want to look like her. Stop telling me I want that life. I don’t.”

Keira Knightley Hot In Elle US December 2007

On being moody:
“I’m a moody bastard. Actually, I’ve been banned from reading newspapers because the way they’re written angers me so much. If I want an opinion, I’ll read the opinion part of the newspaper. I do not want it when I’m trying to get the facts. I get incredibly angry. It really f—ks me off. See, I have to calm down about it.”

On her sex scene in upcoming movie, “Atonement”:
“There was no knob-touching, for real. But it certainly looked like that.”

Keira Knightley Hot In Elle US December 2007

On the word cute:
“I hate cute, I’ve always hated cutesy. My mom used to ban the word cute. Absolutely banned.”

On romantic comedies:
“I’m a total romantic- I love romantic films. But I don’t like being raped by sugar.”

On cell phones:
“I hate them. It rings, and then I realize that I don’t want to talk to anyone. So I always press ignore.”

On becoming aware of her sexual powers:
“Oh, my god. I don’t think I’m aware of it now! No… I’m lying. I don’t know why I said that. No, I’m not lying, actually. I’ll just have an argument with myself!”
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