Halle Berry On May Eve Front Cover

Halle Berry admits she’s a little too honest when it comes to her best friend from her home town of Cleveland Ohio. She tells eve magazine:

"I’m pretty honest. My best friend is a little overweight and I’ve been very upfront about my concerns for her health."

The pair, friends since the age of 16, are still close and speak on the phone often.

With a body envied by women the world over, it comes as no surprise that Halle herself follows a strict diet. In an exclusive interview with this month’s eve she revealed:

"I don’t cook at all, I get stressed out by the whole deal and can’t even enjoy the food I make."

It’s all down to Halle’s 31-year-old boyfriend, chef turned Versace model Gabriel Aubry.

Says Halle, "Gabriel cooks and I clean."
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